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Rostima - The Technology Innovator

Rostima is a technology leader in the Logistics market for Workforce Management and in particular is recognised as such within the Ports and Aviation sectors. Having developed robust, scalable Workforce Management Software solutions which provide considerable cost and operational benefits to its customers, Rostima has the expertise and a proven track record within these sectors.
The open and flexible technologies developed by Rostima enable organisations to optimise their labour schedules by matching workload to staff resources thereby increasing operational efficiency, reducing labour costs, improving service levels and staff retention.
Headquartered in the UK, Rostima has an office and R&D centre in Kuala Lumpur to keep abreast of new technology and customer demand on a global basis. Currently, over 30,000 personnel are managed by the Rostima product with a loyal customer base spread across Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia Pacific.
Rostima aims to serve its customers based on a set of central principles:

♦ Action.  To make things happen!  Business and technical analysis is carried out with the goal of creating efficient operational solutions.

♦ Financial Effect.  The projects must create a measurable value-add for customers.

♦ Innovative Solutions.  Rostima delivers robust high quality solutions, on time and on budget. This is achieved through the strong delivery culture that is deeply rooted within the organisation and people.

♦ The Best PeopleRostima combines the best team possible for each project, consisting of Rostima's people, customers' people and external partners.


Rostima has extensive investment backing including Albion Ventures VCT and Downing VCT.

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